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The history of Roman Catholic Corpus Christi Parish at Jarosław Collegiate Church

The Roman Catholic Corpus Christi parish in Jaroslaw is situated in Przemyśl Achdiocese area and is included in Jarosław deanery.


In 1323 Jarosław became a town. At that time, a Roman Catholic parish, which is now one of the oldest in the archdiocese, had already existed here. In 1375 prince Władysław Opolczyk granted Magdeburg Law to the town and relocated it. In 1508 Jakub of Krzywcza extended the parish foundation granting it a village of Szczytna. In 1523, on permission of bishop of Przemyśl Rafał Leszczyński, Jadwiga of Warzyszyn, the widow after Spytko, the castellan of Cracow, and her daughters: Anna , the widow after the castellan of Wojnicz and Magdalena, the wife of Mikołaj of Pilcza, castellan of Bełżec, founded the collegiate together with the chapter. In 1618 prince Janusz Ostrogski founded the College of Vikars, which was approved by bishop Stanisław Sieciński in 1619.


The original wooden parish church of St. Nicholas was located within the later Benedictines Abbey. It lasted until 1757 and was demolished on bishop Wacław Hieronim Sierakowski’s order, who was visiting the parish. In 1473 a stone gothic church was founded by chamberlain of Przemyśl Spytko of Jarosław and the townspeople and built on the new site, next to the present market place. It was dedicated to All Saints. The church, fatigued by fires in 1600 and 1625 as well as the collapse of the tower, was demolished on the order of the Austrian authorities.


The present Renassaince stone parish church was built together with the neighbouring college according to the plans of Józef Briccious in 1582-1584 for Jesuits, settled in Jarosław, in 1584. It was founded by Zofia of Odrowąż, wife of Jan Kostka, voivode of Pomerania. In 1574 the church was dedicated to St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist by bishop Wawrzyniec Goślicki. After the dissolution of Jesuits it was changed into a military warehouse. In 1808 prince Adam Czartoryski bought the church out and gave it to the parish. Its interior was burnt down in 1862. After the renovation the church was consecrated in 1863. It was dedicated to Corpus Christi by bishop suffragan Jakub Glazer in 1890. The church equipment was made in the 19th century. The picture of Our Lady of the Snows from the 16th century, famous for miracles, is held with a great veneration. The only things that remained from the old decor were the 17th century cross, made by Antoni Osiński and late Gothic 16th century figure of Mother of God. The polychrome was made by Leonard Winterowski in 1912 and renovated by Józef Steciński in the 1970s. The church has 32-voice organ constructed by priest Wojciech Lewkowicz during the last war. Outside the church there is a collecion of 12 stone figures: the patrons of the church and Jesuits saints.


Since the spring 2007, thanks to the parish priest Marian Bocho, restoration works are being carried out to bring the church to its former splendour.


At the parish church there are several active apostolic groups: the Pastoral Council, the Lectors, the Altar Boys, the Schola, the Catholic Campaign, the Rosary Groups, the Most Precious Blood Community, the Home Church, the Circle of Missions Friends, the Legion of Mary, the Catholic Families Society, the Charity Group, the Catholic Youth Movement.


Parish Fair: the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) the Feast of Our lady of the Snows 5th of August.


In the parish area there are two churches: the church of the Holy Spirit (Grunwaldzka street) and the church of St. Nicholas and St. Stanisław the Bishop (Benedyktyńska street).

Translation: Justyna i Tomasz Berwisz


Further information

  • Masses on Sunday and Holy Days: 6.30am, 8.00am, 11.00am, 12.30pm, 4.00pm, 6.00pm, 8.00pm, vespers 5.00pm, weekdays: 6.30am, 7.15am, 6.00pm (during the winter and summer holidays there is no 7.15am Mass)
  • Every Monday after the 6.00pm Mass - the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.
  • Every Wednesday of the month at 6.00pm – a novena to Our Lady of the Snows, the Queen of Families
  • The first Saturday of the month – Mass to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • Confessions during each Mass
  • Meetings for engaged couples on the second Saturday of the month at 3.30pm
  • Premarital education on every Sunday at 5.00pm
  • Parish bank account: Bank Spółdzielczy w Jarosławiu
    37 9096 0004 2001 00094849 0001


Parafia rzymskokatolicka pod wezwaniem Bożego Ciała przy Jarosławskiej Kolegiacie

Plac Ks. Piotra Skargi 2.

PL 37-500 Jarosław


TEL. 016 621 24 60




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